Monday, 6 February 2012

The Archers: 5/2/2012


Christopher has money matters on his mind. Meanwhile Brian craves a quiet life.

Even though the finances for his business are sorted, Christopher's not sleeping. There's still a lot to go over. Neil agrees it's worth all the saving for Christopher to have his own farrier business. With Christopher's help, Neil has finished the shower room at Bert's. Alice agrees it looks great now.

For once, Brian's not working on the dairy project but he's still frustrated by people misunderstanding him, and the media getting their facts wrong. He can't see how he's being high-handed, as Annabelle stated.

Alice turns up and Jennifer tells her that things are still no better with Adam. Alice wishes Adam would give the dairy a chance - the cows will be the most pampered herd in the county. Jennifer tells her there are websites portraying a different picture. Alice suggests Jennifer could put something on the village website, setting out the basic facts. Leaving Brian to watch television, they write an article.

Jennifer later shows Brian, and he's really touched. She's also written about the green burial ground, making it clear Home Farm donated the land. Brian thinks it's all terrific. He's being told to engage with the community and they both hope this helps.


Episode written by Tim Stimpson

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