Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Archers: 3/2/2012


Ruth feels betrayed while Brian faces up to the truth.

Furious Ruth has seen a fax from the NFU, so knows what David’s been doing and accuses him of giving up on the herd. David tries to explain that he just wanted all the facts. They can’t carry on like this. Ruth insists the cows can still be a sustainable long-term business and wants to look at all the figures again. David suggests she includes what he’s had from Graham Ryder. Ruth’s horrified that David’s talked to him too but insists they’re keeping the cows. It’s a stalemate.

Pat’s pleased with the sales from last night – nearly £600. Tony’s still annoyed to be without Tom’s support. Pat knows how busy he is, but points out that they’re all busy. She’s full of energy though. On top of everything, she’s going to organise some proper opposition to the dairy website.

There’s another article about the dairy in a farming magazine, again focussing on the division within the family. Brian receives a telling off from Annabelle. The board are getting twitchy over Brian’s handling of the objections and she thinks he’s being high-handed. Jennifer admits he can come across like that. It’s not easy but, hearing it from Jennifer and Annabelle, Brian accepts he’s got to face the truth.


Episode written by Joanna Toye

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