Friday, 17 February 2012

The Archers: 16/2/2012


Adam comes to a decision and Tom is upbeat.

Adam has his reservations about going to the village meeting next week. He feels that if he goes, he’ll be put on the spot to speak in front of everyone about his opposition to the big dairy. It will definitely worsen the existing tensions at Home Farm.

Ian warns him that the press will love a family row to report on. Adam rings Pat and tells her he won’t be attending. She’s not pleased, but she understands.

Ian says he’ll go along and feed back to Adam.

Tom returns from HEFF full of plans for the ready meals and the Felpersham re-launch but Pat has to remind Tom that today is Tony’s day – his 61st birthday. She steers the conversation away from business. Tony is tired but appreciates the effort Helen’s made with his birthday dinner. She’s even iced a cake. Tom’s all fired up with getting Helen and Pat to think of new product ideas and being ready to supply new orders. He presses Tony to tidy up the farm for photography and a video. As delayed Brenda arrives, Pat cuts in again and says it’s a ‘business-free’ zone for the rest of the evening.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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