Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Archers: 15/2/2012


Shula makes a decisive move and Adam feels low.

Daniel is going riding with Freddie and reassures Shula that Freddie’s fearless. However, she tells Daniel to keep an eye on him. She then gets a call from Danny Stevas, who’s bringing a potential buyer for Topper. Unfazed Daniel rides Popcorn instead, but Shula is upset.

Later, Shula breaks the news to Alistair that she has bought Topper. Annoyed Alistair knows that it’s not a sensible business decision. It’s because Topper was Nigel’s.
Adam says that all interested parties will want to be at the village meeting next week. This makes Brian wonder whether Adam may be coming himself. It’s clear that Brian’s work with Borchester Land is getting him down. Brian and Jennifer are upset with Adam’s cold-shoulder attitude.

Brian’s meeting with the council planning officers goes well. But it seems the Environment Agency is going to keep a close eye on them, so he’s commissioned a further assessment of the risks of accidental pollution. Adam’s comment about next week inspired Brian to prepare himself with some ‘ammo’ for the village meeting.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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