Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Archers: 14/2/2012


Lynda faces friction at the meeting. There is a Valentine's Day surprise for Nic.

After some tussling with Jill, the parish council agree that Lynda can approach David for permission to use Lakey Hill for a Jubilee bonfire beacon, built byMike. Jill will organise a picnic lunch on the green. Next, the mega-dairy. Neil insists it’s not about his opinion but Borchester Land do have a right to be heard. Lynda wants a good turnout at the public meeting.

Bert’s grateful to Neil for transforming 6, The Green. But with everything looking so grand, it’s now made the hall look dingy. Weary Neil agrees to brighten it up, but then that’s it!

Will and Nic are off for a lavish Valentine’s meal. They bump into Christopher and Alice, who are having a takeaway and renting a DVD. Will doesn’t hesitate when a hawker comes by selling expensive red roses but Alice tells Chris to keep his money in his pocket.

Will’s also booked a room at the Feathers and arranged for Clarrie to look after the kids. Nic feels thoroughly spoiled. Will insists nothing could spoil her. She’s perfect.

Chris puts a lot of effort into their low-key evening. Alice loves it. All she needs for a good time is right there at home. Chris feels the same.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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