Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Archers: 13/2/2012


Plans are brewing at Bridge Farm. Josh thinks about his future.

Josh is eager to help with milking, especially as it means extra pocket money. Ruth’s uneasy as he enthuses about wanting to be a dairy farmer.
Pat’s been talking to the business development manager at Felpersham market. Although their organic status doesn’t cut much ice, the market’s looking for high premium British produce, so the next step is to meet the traders. Pat hasn’t spoken to Tony yet but thinks he’ll realise it’s a great opportunity once he gets his head round it.

Tom needs to do some fine tuning to the ready meals as he’s off to Shrewsbury again this week. He’ll be back to do the evening milking on Thursday, Tony’s birthday. Helen thinks Tony’s been a bit down lately, so wants to cook him a nice birthday supper.
Pat and Brenda discuss the promises auction.

Brenda’s got her eye on Harry but knows there’s plenty of competition for his four hours of gardening. Ruth turns up to discuss Friday’s public meeting with Borchester Land. They agree it would be good if Adam would speak at the meeting but accept it’s difficult for him. Pat agrees to contact Adam, to encourage him to be at the meeting. After all, there’s no hiding from it. This plan has caused a family split.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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