Monday, 13 February 2012

The Archers: 12/2/2012


Tracy has second thoughts. David and Tony drown their sorrows.

Neil’s only got the landing to paint at 6, The Green but Tracy hasn’t even started on the children’s room yet. When she finally gets going, she doesn’t like the colour. It’s greener than she thought, and after last night’s heavy session with her friend, it’s making her feel sick. Neil insists she gets on with it. Tracy asks Neil about Kylie’s planned visit. She thinks it’ll be nice to see her again.

David tells Pat, Tony and Tom about a local NFU initiative to get more seasonal British produce into the wholesale markets, and gives Pat a few contacts. He also persuades Tony to join him for a quick drink, which Pat and Tom agree will do him good.

At the pub, Tony talks to David about their never-ending struggle. David agrees it’s tough at the moment and admits he and Ruth considered getting rid of the sheep and converting to a New Zealand system. David sees talking about private business stuff as a sign of how bad things are.

Back home, Tony wants to get a fallen tree sorted but Pat’s got lunch ready. She tries to discuss David’s news regarding the markets initiative but tired Tony wants to deal with one thing at a time, starting with lunch.


Episode written by Keri Davies

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