Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Archers: 10/2/2012


Helen gains a new perspective. Meanwhile Neil is insistent.

Brian tells Neil the board would be happy to speak to the councillors but would rather speak to the public once they know when the planning application is being formally considered. Neil thinks they’re leaving it too late.

Having spoken to Annabelle, Brian tells Jennifer that they’re going to try for a public meeting on the 24th. It’s sooner than he’d have liked.

Neil decorates Bert’s bedroom while Susan vacuums. Neil looks forward to having the house back to themselves. Susan’s worried Pat will notice she hasn’t signed the petition.

There’s a problem with the trailer which Tony knows he’ll end up fixing, as Tom’s so busy with his other commitments. Helen notices the atmosphere between them. Tom tells her he feels second rate compared to Rich.

Helen find Tony reading Kylie’s letter. Tony opens up and admits he can’t move on. He just wishes Rich knew they would have been there for him. Tony’s been keeping his feelings hidden so as not to burden Pat. Helen reassures him that he’s been strong for all of them. She later tells Tom that she’s worried about Tony. Tom agrees to go a little more easy on him. But Tony has to be there for them too.


Episode written by Tim Stimpson

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