Friday, 6 January 2012

The Archers: 5/1/2012


Tracy considers her options and Brian faces a serious challenge.
Bert asks Tracy to consider moving in. Tracy insists they couldn’t all fit in but is persuaded that with Neil’s help it could be sorted. The garden for the children would be a big attraction. She eventually agrees to sleep on it.

Three arable farmers have now been lined up ready to supply feed for the dairy, so Brian’s got all the elements in place for a fully viable Plan B. Debbie agrees there’s no reason why the board shouldn’t accept the new plan but knows that Adam won’t. Brian insists she mustn’t worry about Adam.

Annabelle warns Brian that Andrew Eagleton has been saying Brian has mishandled the whole thing. Debbie thanks her for the warning. The board meeting gets underway and Debbie brings everyone up to date. As expected, Andrew questions the viability of the proposal to use outsiders and brings up the way Brian handled the situation with Adam. Debbie calmly explains that Adam has no experience of this kind of thing, whereas she does. The scheme would be a winner for everyone involved.

Debbie confirms that she will oversee the project. Annabelle proposes they put it to the vote, and asks for a show of hands from all those in favour.


Episode written by Caroline Harrington

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