Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Archers: 4/1/2012


Susan exercises some diplomacy. Meanwhile David and Ruth think about their future.

After Gary causes chaos in the kitchen, Susan gets an opportunity to suggest to Bert that Tracy could move in with them. She explains that the dining room could become Bert’s bedroom and Neil could fit a toilet and shower into the old pantry. Susan tells Neil that Bert didn’t sound too keen on having Brad and Chelsea there but he’s agreed to discuss it with Tracy.

Jill asks Ruth if they’re going to Pat’s 60th birthday party. Ruth’s accepted Lilian’s invitation but David’s not in party mood after yesterday’s visit from the Environment Agency. The emptied slurry lagoon will have to be completely re-lined at a cost of about £20K. And the inspector noticed the NVZ records weren’t up to date so they’ll now be subject to more stringent inspection of their records.

David tells Jill that they’re considering cutting their losses and selling the herd, although Ruth can’t imagine Brookfield without a dairy herd. Jill’s sure Phil would understand.

Ruth tells Jill that they had a visit from Debbie. She’d heard they might be going out of dairy so wondered if they’d like to reconsider the offer to supply fodder. Ruth can’t believe she could be so insensitive.


Episode written by Caroline Harrington

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