Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Archers: 3/1/2012


Brenda suspects Tom's motives and Debbie has some unfinished business.
Clarrie tells Emma that Will and Nic arrived safely for their honeymoon in Cape Verde. Emma heads to Brookfield where she’s going to be cleaning for Ruth. Ruth tells Emma about the slurry damage. It can’t be repaired permanently –and it would cost a fortune. They’re not up to date with their NVZ (Nitrate Vulnerable Zones) record, so it seems it won’t be a great new year for Ruth and David.

Tom’s feelingready to be a dad, but hesitant Brenda suggests he’sonly been interested since finding out that John has a son.Tom’s HEFF meeting goes well. He’s inspired by the possibility of expanding into a pork ready-meal business. Brenda warns that any baby plans should maybe wait a year or two.

Debbie’s disappointed that local farmers have been cautious about the possibility of supplying the mega-dairy with feed.She’s interested when Brian mentions the possibility of David and Ruth giving up their herd, but Brian’s wary of confronting Ruth again to reconsider his offer.

Lily’s busy writing apanto review for the school magazine as Debbie and Elizabeth clear the air. Debbie feels the rift has gone on too long and regretsnot being around more. Emotional Elizabeth points out that Debbie’s here now, and they make up with a hug.


Episode written by Caroline Harrington

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